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8613: On going investigation in the US and Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Chandra levy has been disappeared and a US congressman
of California Mr. Condit had admitted having an
affaire with her. Is he a suspect? Who killed
JohnBenet Ramsey? Her family is suspected but the
state prosecutor does not have enough evidence to
warrant an indictment. This investigation is still on
going. Who killed Jean Dominique?  Judge Gassant is
the leading investigator, does he has enough evidence
to indict anyone? Many high profiles cases remain
unresolved because many prosecutors are afraid of
losing and tarnishing people reputation. In Atlanta
after a football melee, two people were killed on a
street in presence of 100 hundred of people, a famous
football player was accused not enough evidence, O J
Simpson was accused of killing his ex-wife, the jury
did not buy the prosecutor theory and the main witness
was a liar; no responsible jury will ever convict an
accused with the words of a liar whether he did it or
not.   In the area of on going investigation, United
States and Haiti have something in common.  Last month
a famous US actor was a suspect in the killing of his
wife, but that story died down, the media was not
interested in fuelling it up like the Simpson case.
	Haiti and the US are well known for "on going
investigation" It won't be a surprise to see the
Dominique case remains on going, but it is unlikely.
Will Judge Gassant blame the assassination of Jean
Dominique on Zenglendo?  This is a tough case, will
justice be done? Or is the judge is going to make
another victim in accusing the wrong person. It is not
the first nor the last time a wrong person will be
accused, In Gainesville a few years ago when a serial
killer was killing student at UF, the State had
arrested a disturb student but later release. During
the Olympic the FBI had arrested Mr. Joule for the
bombing but later release, but his name and reputation
had already been tarnished since the government had
made his past public in order to make a case.  When
the NY city police officer had killed Patrick
Dorismond his juvenal record was made public which is
a violation of his legal rights but it was done to
curb the public sympathy toward him.   

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