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8614: Novelist requests help (fwd)

From: Christine Kling <klingc@mediaone.net>

I've been reading this list for four or five months, and I have learned
so much about Haiti.  I want to thank all the list contributors.

I am writing a mystery thriller set in Fort Lauderdale that revolves
around the business of profiting off importing illegal immigrants.  This
book will be the second in a series featuring the same protagonist, and
I already have a publisher and a deadline of May 2002.  The Haitian
community in Broward, as well as Haitian culture and Vodou/Voodoo will
all be depicted in the book.  My goal is to write a book about which
most in the South Florida Haitian Community would say, "She got it
right."  To do this, I need help.  Reading can only teach me so much.
Now I want to get the sights and smells and voices and visions.

If there is anyone who is willing to offer some time to answer my
questions or provide me with information, please contact me off list.

Christine Kling