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8616: Urgent, Ayiti Cheri (fwd)

From: Mihoko_Tsunetomi <miho0087@tctv.ne.jp>

  I am sorry to trouble you so often, but this is my last
resort.  Please help me.
  One of my readers is planning some event, and she
needs the musical score of Ayti Cheri.  Of course, we
are all familiar with this song, and I know the melody and
the  lyric can be found on the Windows on Haiti, but
no musical score.  After trying everywhere, I found out
that there is no scores of any Haitian songs in Japan.
I have tried several songs in the past, but all by the
words and recorded sound.  If anybody knows how to
obtain a copy of the book containing the scores of
famous songs, but in the meantime, Ayiti Cheri as soon
as possible.
   Thank you in advance.  I am coounting on you!