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8621: Global Exchange seeks delegation coordinator with a focus on Haiti (fwd)

From: Moira Feeney <moira@globalexchange.org>


Global Exchange is a non-profit education, research and action center
forging closer ties between North Americans and grassroots groups working
for democracy in the US and around the world. Through our various programs
we seek fundamental change in U.S. and corporate policies to favor of human
rights and fair and environmentally sustainable development. Our programs
include Reality Tours, a Fair Trade, Public Education, Corporate
Accountability, and Human Rights campaigns to influence international policy
issues.  Global Exchange seeks a staff person who shares a political
commitment to work for greater social justice.  This is an opportunity to be
part of a rapidly growing dynamic team working in key countries in Africa,
Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean.

The Reality Tour program is designed to expose North Americans from all
walks of life to innovative community organizing efforts throughout the
world. For example, fact-finding delegations to Haiti highlight and
investigate models of south-south cooperation in sustainable development,
grassroots projects for monitoring and promoting human rights, and economic
alternatives to neo-liberal austerity programs.  Through direct contact with
grassroots leaders, educators, political actors, artists and indigenous
cultures, Reality Tours strives to give individuals concrete tools for
activism upon return to their home communities.

Global Exchange is seeking a delegation coordinator responsible for our
Reality Tour Latin American and Caribbean destinations.  In addition, 20% of
the time, this position will assist with Global Exchange¹s human rights
campaign focused in the region.

This position will be responsible for maintaining Global Exchange¹s Haiti
Program. This program works to support the popular movement for democracy
and justice in Haiti while dispelling the misinformation that surrounds
Haiti's current political and economic crisis.  Our program mobilizes
resistance to US foreign policy that blocks initiatives for an end to
impunity, judicial reform, and the establishment of rule of law in Haiti.

Job Activities:
- Outreach for potential participants for delegations to Chiapas, Brazil,
Mexico, Haiti, Nicaragua and other  Latin American destinations;
- Participate in the creation of budget formulas, maintain financial records
for all trip income and expenses;
- Provide in-depth educational and orientation materials for all
- Develop solid and rigorous educational itinerary for all destinations;
- Secure all logistical arrangements for travel, communicate with on-ground
- Conduct follow-up with trip participants incorporating them into Global
Exchange campaigns or other national/international campaigns;
- Give administrative support when needed, participate in organizational
wide strategic planning and vision development;

Human Rights Coordinating Activities:
- Monitor the role of the international institutions and the US government,
expose the misuse and corruption of aid money and internationally imposed
structural adjustment programs for US corporate interests;
- Provide educational resources for a wider public to better interpret the
political and economic situation in its historical and international
- Assist with organization of speakers from our destinations to travel the
United States on speaking tour on various subjects such as economic justice
and human rights.
- Develop and update web site information, urgent actions and educational
- Organize local political events for awareness raising and fundraising.

Bi-lingual candidates are preferred (Spanish, Portuguese or Creole).
Familiarity with Latin American politics and US foreign policy toward the
region is a must. In-Country contacts are a plus.  We are looking for
someone who is extremely well organized, works well under stress, can deal
with multiple tasks simultaneously and who has great "people skills".  An
enthusiastic and polite phone manner, good writing skills, attention to
detail and budget experience are a must.

 Computer skills are essential (MAC:Micro-soft Word, Excel, Filemaker,

Salary is mid- 20K with generous benefits.  Global Exchange is an
affirmative action employer and strongly encourages a diverse pool of
candidates to apply.  Send résumé and cover letter to Search Committee,
Global Exchange.  Open until filled.  Today's date June 14, 2001.

Moira I. Feeney

Global Exchange
2017 Mission Street, Room 303
San Francisco, CA 94110
PH: (415) 255-7296 Ext. 226
       or (800) 497-1994 Ext. 226
FAX: (415) 255-7498
All information also on our Web site: