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8624: Métropole: OAS official plans mission to Haiti (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <maxblanchet@worldnet.att.net>

OAS official plans mission to Haiti
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jul 9, 2001

Text of report by Haitian Metropole radio on 9 July

A week after the discussions at the Montana Hotel broke off, the OAS
[Organization of American States], is getting ready to restart the
negotiations between the protagonists of the crisis. According to diplomatic
sources, the OAS secretary-general is planning another mission to Haiti. If
all the conditions are met, Cesar Gaviria, who is now in Colombia, could
arrive in Port-au-Prince on Thursday [12 July]. Diplomatic sources explain
that nothing has yet been decided regarding the initiatives that the OAS
secretary-general hopes to undertake in Port-au-Prince to bring the players
back to the negotiating table. These sources said that everything regarding
Gaviria's new mission should be decided in the next 48 hours. Caricom
[Caribbean Community] representatives, who are preparing to open an office
in Port-au-Prince, will once again assist the OAS secretary-general. Caricom
representatives are already in Port-au-Prince to facilitate an unblocking of
the Haitian crisis.

Source: Radio Metropole, Port-au-Prince, in French 1145 gmt 9 Jul 01

/BBC Monitoring/ © BBC.