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8636: Raoul Peck's movie: Lumumba (fwd)

From: EchodHaiti@aol.com

The Washington, DC community recently previewed Haitian director Raoul Pecks' 
new feature film, Lumumba. The film received great reviews from the New York 
Times among others, and it is definitely a must see film. The movie has won 
several awards at Cannes and the Pan-African Film Festival. 

The Washington, DC screening was followed by a lively discussion. The crowd, 
which included some notables from the Haitian, as well as African, and 
African-American community, received the movie with great enthusiasm. The 
movie will open Friday, July 13, and with enough support will run through 
July 26.

For more information please visit www.echodhaiti.com.