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8638: Re Lavalas corruption; Simidor responds to Dorce (fwd)

From: karioka9@cs.com

Kathy Dorce wrote:

> I would be interested in knowing what you feel WOULD help 
> the people.  (Marc Bazin??) 

Marc Bazin is one of the most powerful ministers in the Lavalas government you support, "warts and all." You seem to hold him in much contempt.  How is he different from other ministers in the government?  From the prime-minister and the president who appointed him? 

> And how is it that you know what the people need more than 
> the people themselves?

The popular movement (not the Chimere movement of today) has time and again expressed and fought for what is called in Creole "kaye revandikasyon pp la" (the people's basic demands).  There is no mystery here.  By the way, the country also needs is a government of honest people, not a government of thieves.  

> Do you feel no aid should be given to Haiti until 
> Aristide is ousted?  Who do you trust with that aid?

I do not call for Aristide to be ousted.  I want him brought under the control of democratic institutions.  But come now, Dorce, do you support lending millions of dollars to a government of thieves, money that the people will have to repay?  I don't.  Do you agree with Haiti borrowing money under the neoliberal conditions imposed by the international lending institutions?  I don't.  Do you consider the much coveted $500 million loan package a form of aid?  I don't; I call it an agreement among thieves.  Moun ki  pa manje pwa, pa dwe bay lapire!  

> Your post begs more questions than it answsers.

My post made a very simple point: that Lavalas official corruption is obvious and rampant, and that it should not be condoned by people who claim to be Haiti's friends.  What part of that sentence are you having trouble with?

Daniel Simidor