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8649: re: 8644 flying out of Haiti (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

There is daily service from Port-au-Prince to the DR on an airline called 
Caribintair and daily buses on Terra Bus and Caribe Tours.  What is difficult 
is to be able to fly out of the DR on the same day.  The bus trip takes 6 
hours.  The cost of the hotels really adds up to the cost of the trip.  It 
would probably be wiser for people in Haiti to try to arrange the trip 
through a Haitian travel agent than for someone in the States to do that.  
Too much of the info is hard to find in Haiti.  Some of the Haitian travel 
agencies have their email addresses and phone numbers listed on the Haiti 
tourism website. Uniglobe's phone numbers are 223-9315, 223-8922, 223-9321. 
Flights out of the DR should be easier since AA has some competition there 
and there are several major airports.  USAIR goes to the DR.  AA has 
destroyed Haiti International Airlines but does nothing to accomodate the 
heavy traffic at peak times.  The other alternatives are for people to fly 
Air France or ALM to Miami and change airlines there or in another Florida 
city.  Flights from Fort Lauderdale to the North seem to be cheaper than 
Miami to the North.  There is some flight from Cap-Haitien to 
Fort-Lauderdale.  Maybe other people on the list have that info.