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8660: Haiti Cheri (fwd)

From: JACQUESKEY@aol.com

Song :Haiti cherie
Album Title :"Haiti Cherie" Meringue
Group Name :Ti band L'avnir & others

CD   $15.98

Ti band L'avnir & others
"Haiti Cherie" Meringue
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The history of méringue is similar to that of much Caribbean popular music.
The blend of African and European cultures has created popular dance music,
music played on simple acoustic instruments by artists who don't need
theatres or microphones to show off their art. Like Jamaican mento, Cuban
son, Belizean brukdon, Dominican méringue and many other Caribbean styles,
méringue is played by artists who are usually anonymous and, although their
music is very much alive, they tend to be called "traditional." Haiti cherie
brings together the best traditional méringue bands presenting a repertoire
of mostly anonymous classics. One exception is "Ti zwaso," an old méringue
with lyrics by Haitian poet Oswald Durand. Harry Belafonte popularized it
internationally as "Yellow Bird" and it is now often mistakenly presented as
Jamaican mento. This CD was recorded in Haiti by Eduardo Llerenas and
Enrique Ramirez de Arellano and was produced by Llerenas.

"This disk is highly recommended and a must for anyone who is a collector of
different musical styles." --If Yuh Int'rested

Ti band L'Avenir, Jacmel / Ensemble L'Avenir Jacmel / Les Grandes Vissages
de Cyvadier / Ensemble Le Diplomat




Num. Song Title Artist Time
01.  Mizisyen  Ti band L'avnir  8:52
02.  Panamam tombe  Ti band L'avnir  3:42
03.  Ti zwazo  Ti band L'avnir  4:45
04.  Haiti cherie  Ti band L'avnir  8:26
05.  Legba mia mia  Les Grandes Vissages de Cyvadier  3:04
06.  Ti Medam  Ensemble Le Diplomat  4:42
07.  L'Arevois plus belle  Ti band L'Avnir  3:07
08.  Fey-O  Ti band L'Avnir  5:57


Produced by Eduardo Llerenas

Year Released:  1993

Artist Index:  Ti band L'avnir & others

Various Artists

Genre Categories: World Music



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