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8668: Chandra Levy and Jean Dominique (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

The political career of Congressman Condit is over,
lack of evidence may spare him from serving time, this
is no longer the search for a missing person, and this
is an undeclared criminal investigation. Judge Gassant
is about to end the political career of a few folks
whether they are connected to the assassination of the
Haitian Legend or not. According the law, you are
presume innocent until proven guilty but it has
appeared that you are already guilty it is the
responsibility of your defense team to bail out. We
have seen that on OJ Simpson Case, the public and the
media had already condemned Congressman Condit as well
as fingers are pointed toward a prominent member of
the lavalas movement in the Dominique case. What
happen to the due process? Should the accused entitle
to a fair trial? From innocent to guilty is different
from guilty to innocent. The jury had already made up
his mind and in many cases the jury have tendency to
send a message, which is a travesty to justice. A man
life/career is on the line and hear the prosecutor as
well as the defense talking about sending a message.
It could have been understood in the sentence section
or damage to ask the jury to send a message but not
prior a guilty verdict. 	Whoever indicted in the
Dominique case is already condemned; there is no way
that person can receive a fair trial in this high
profile drama. Rushing to judgment is not the proper
course to follow, in many occasions for lack of
evidence a guilty person can go lose but it is a
tragedy to condemn an innocent person just on rumor
and speculation. Congressman Condit had an affaire
with Ms. Chandra Levy and Senator Dany Toussaint had a
dispute with Jean Dominique. Can we consider both as
suspect? Can someone else use that indifference and
settle his/her problem with Jean Dominique and blame
it to the Senator. Now, the country is waiting and all
eyes are focusing on Judge Gassant and the public
prosecutor. If the investigation is inconclusive since
the scope is too limited, come forward and say so, if
you have enough evidence that can lead to a conviction
without any doubt, just bring an indictment. If you're
main witness is a liar, criminal or in jail, he/she
may have a reason to lie. 

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