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8670: President Aristide needs to pick a new Prime Minister (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

President Aristide needs to pick a new Prime Minister

A new round of talk, the Lavalas camp had made some
concessions such as holding election for 12 posts and
Convergence also claims the appointment of a new Prime
Minister, the formation of a new government, changes
with the direction of the PNH and the creation of an
authority which would have the role of controlling the
electoral consulting, an autonomous institution,
according to the constitution. In short an oversight
committee.  If the president agreed to these changes
will the convergence sign a political agreement?
Clearly Option zero is not feasible, I urge both the
convergence and the Lavalas to find a way to resolve
this crisis. I call upon President Aristide to form a
coalition government, try to bring everyone on board,
Dr Manigat, Rene Theodore, keep Marc Bazin, Dr.
Desroches, Father Jean Juste, and Prof: Latortue, and
so on. Raise yourself above party line. Prof: Latortue
can be a good Prime Minister, he is well known inside
and outside of Haiti. No body can question his
integrity, I do not believe his is looking for that
job however as president if you ask him, he may
accept. General Herard Abraham can be a good Police
Chief or a good defense minister . I bet with you, if
you chose General Abraham as the chief of police or
prime Minister, Minister of Justice the whole country
will accept and support him. You know where they are,
Haiti has lot of respected people who are not hungry
for power. Bring responsible people in the Government,
Nobody can put in doubt General Abraham, Latortue,
Bazin, Manigat, and Rene Theodore as well as Rony
Desroches, either one as prime minister will be a good
choice and the country will support your choice. 

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