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8673: corruption, or its appearance? (fwd)

From: Greg and Susan Bryant <gregandsusan@rainbowtel.net>

** WARNING to the irony-impaired: some comments below are tongue-in-cheek. **

>From all I've read, I just don't believe Aristide is corrupt (though of
course there are corrupt individuals in any administration of any size or

I can agree that, for whatever reason, JBA appears not to rush to deny
corruption as quickly and vehemently as some would like him to. Some say
that's because the accusations are true, but I doubt that. Maybe instead
it's because of the old saying, "Guilty is the first to deny," or as
Shakespeare put it, "Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

Then again, maybe allowing a blush of corruption to color the party's
complexion is politically necessary, helping Aristide fit the profile that
seems to be a prerequisite for international (especially US) endorsement
and support of Haitian and other Western Hemisphere leaders.
(Unfortunately, the blush cannot cover that ugly blemish of JBA's having
been democratically elected by enormous popular support.)

But I just think he knows that it's a waste of precious time and energy to
stand in the rain swinging a sword at the storm.

Greg Bryant