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8679: Re: 8676: Re: Airline (fwd)

From: Clifford_C._Chevallier@ryder.com

In light of all the other problems Haiti faces (feeding its people, for
one) building an airline is simply not the most proper use of already
scarce funds.  We are in need of more basic investment such as agricultural
programs & education to teach the people how to work the soil.  The
government has to get involved in all facets of these most basic programs
to subsidize the feeding of its people at least at a level of subsistence .
Once this is accomplished, we can then begin to worry about how to provide
funds for children to go to school.  As we all know, learning cannot be
acomplished on an empty stomach.  Subsidizing an airline should be on the
agenda, but several years down the road, after we've been able to increase
the number of literate citizens educated in our schools.  Please don't take
my words as a dismissal of your views, I just feel we should handle the
most essential needs first.


07/13/2001 11:53 AM

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Subject:  8676: Re: Airline (fwd)

From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>


I do not know why the governement cannot invest in building the country a
good reliable airline company that would generate revenues for the country,
ease the rates to travel, and create jobs for Haitians.  Something really
professional with talented individuals that would establish a good
reputation.  Is that an utopia? or is it feasible?

Jean Succar