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8685: RE: 8680: Flights from Haiti All Booked? (fwd) please post anonymously (fwd)

Bob, please post this anonymously.

The airline situation is complex in Haiti. It is easy to blame American
Airline for all ills. Aristide invested in a start-up Haiti International
Airline only to see it folded last fall. The company is trying to restart,
but Haitians have a master/slave relationship with AA. On the one hand, they
complain about its service, which is indeed deplorable. But on the other
hand, they are reticent at giving another airline a chance. They are more
critical of any other efforts than they are of AA questionable service. What
is needed is a seasonal charter because the market is not big enough to keep
an airline going year round. It is not by accident that the other major
airlines have not fought AA for Haiti. It's just not worth it, despite what
us Haitians may think.