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8701: Simidor takes a trip (fwd)

From: Karioka9@cs.com

Sat. evening.  I forgot to mention that beginning next week I shall spend the 
next two weeks in Haiti.  Friends and foes alike are put on notice.  Should 
y'all hear of a slightly overweight grimaud dead as a casualty of "tolerance 
zero," those of you not too put off by my posts please raise the ultimate 
question: why?  Poor DS, he had so few enemies, ha ha!  

If I'm not back on the list by early August, my Soup Joumou enemies should 
have one more occasion to rejoice come next New Year's day.  But just don't 
write my obituary yet.  Titid, afterall, is not the only Haitian darati with 
nine lives!  

Peace and love, se bonbon ki ra, etc.

Daniel Simidor

P.S.  A darati is some kind of devil, the proof being that the poor darling 
got his horns sawn off.
P.P.S.  My thanks to Hyppolite Pierre for his gracious last post.  Such a 
courteous apology!  Such a proper Haitian thing to do!