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8706: no seats on airplanes (fwd)

From: tminsky@ix.netcom.com

Although its been suggested that the flood of vacationing
diasporans is a reason for "no seats available" I also submit
that in light of two less flights a day coming from NYC-PAP (last
year HIA had a flight a day, and AA had two flights this year
only one) may inpart account for no seats...that's atleast approx. 500
seats less per day. 

Someone really ought to do the simple arithmethic to see that
there must be less people coming this summer.

HIA went out of biz in Feb. Why is AA only flying one flight
a day? [Folks, we all should be asking them why they aren't putting
on another flight.]

Middle of June there was an impending strike with AA. That
might be why they didn't add their additional flights as in 
years past. If there had been a strike they'd really be full
of stranded passengers. When Bush announced a "cooling off period"
they probably just figured they'd go with what they have.

By charging the outrageous prices they are for people desperate
to come to Haiti they are probably making the same amount of money
on one flight as they would have with two...and they have less

This is all my conjecture. Anyone in contact with AA know the
real scoop?