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8747: Re: 8706: no seats on airplanes (fwd)

From: Don Rowley <donrowley@minister.com>

From: Don Rowley responding to tminsky@ix.netcom.com 

<<<Why is AA only flying one flight a day? [Folks, we all should be asking them why they aren't putting 
on another flight.] 

>>>Just came from AA.COM;
American has 3 flights a day out of Miami #377 @ 8:20A, #1291 @ 11:05A, #803 @ 1:20P
There are also three a day out of NY JFK
#989 @ 6:42, #657 @ 10:30, #2111 @ 6:20P

All of the flights out of mia are direct, only one out of NY is direct But that makes a total of four flights a day into PAP not one as stated by several people. I spoke to AA customer service yesterday and they are considering adding one or two flights to the summer schedule.
And that's just checking 2 airports.

Don Rowley, 
Director of Overseas Ministries
Hope International, Inc.  


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