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8760: L'Arche in Haiti (fwd)

From: Louise Boissonnault <lboiss@nbnet.nb.ca>

I spent six exceptional months in Haiti's northeast last year, which
changed my life, needless to say.
Yesterday, I had the priviledge of hearing Jean Vanier speak here in New
Brunswick, Canada.  A few minutes after having told my mother sitting next
to me "Could you imaging L'Arche in Haiti?" , Jean Vanier happens to
mention that there were two L'Arche communities in Haiti !
If anyone on the list has information about the locations of L'Arche in
Haiti or has knowledge or experience in the L'Arche communities in Haiti,
I'd love to hear about it, about potential success stories, how the
communities manage in such a poor environment (but rich of its people),
etc.  Jean Vanier is a very inspiring man, and I was thrilled that like me,
Haiti holds a special place in his heart  :-).
Please feel free to reply through the list or directly to me at
lboiss@nbnet.nb.ca   Na w !