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8771: Haitian Prison

From: OLOFFSONRAM@aol.com

Haiti is essentially a prison. Joining a band or dance troupe is like 
applying for a weekend pass. Being a commercant/Madame Sara is akin to
being a supplier for the prison. Being a politician is like becoming a
temporary prison warden with unlimited access to the treasury as a perk.
Haitians were forced into coming to Haiti and now they are forced to
remain. Nothing in Haiti will change significantly for the better until
the international community changes its visa policy towards the
overcrowded, impoverished nation. Of the first two Republics in the
Western Hemisphere, one is the richest and the other is the poorest. The
richest has virtual visas and trade to anywhere in the world and the
poorest has been denied visas and trade. 

Richard Morse