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8803: Laleau replies to Jean

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Jean; I like the idea of a strong and corruption-free government
the source for ending the economic troubles. But is it even possible in a 
milieu like Haiti? I used to think it was possible. Now I live in a small 
rural county in California that has an entrenched "power class," and I see 
how hard it is to get the public institutions to operate correctly... and 
this is without all the poverty. Elderly people are dying of neglect, 
exploitation, and even violence, and the public institutions look on and
nothing, and define their roles to accommodate their inaction... As I look 
around to see who to report this to, I realize that even a Grand Jury
this county will be powerless... turns out this was already reported to
GJ last year and nothing happened. State-level departments also know about 
it. Good Luck Haiti!  --Nancy L.