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8808: Re: 8776: (fwd)

From: Kathleen <mcneliska@core.com>

I agree with you, Senou. As a foreigner, I have a connection to Haiti and
it's people that is simpler than politics. I spent two years on a medical
mission in Haiti in the 1970's, and returned again this year for a short
med-mission stay. I had been discouraged from returning to Haiti for this
mission by Haitians and non-Haitians alike because of all the negative press
and political struggles. I am eternally grateful that I listened to my heart
instead of what was said or read. Upon my return, I found, as I had
expected, that the average Haitian could care less about politics. With the
more pressing needs that you spoke off (food, shelter, health care,etc.) the
average Haitian does not have the luxury to care about politics.

For those contemplating service in Haiti, I say go. Do not let politics and
the news media dissuade you. You, your concern and your skills are needed,
and will be much appreciated.

Let the politicians work out their formulas to save all the masses, the
population, the people. When it comes right down to dealing with immediate
needs, maybe it's just one person extending a hand to another person who can
then, lend a hand to another....

Kathleen McNelis CRNA, MSN