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8811: Testing Loyalty

>From Richard Morse

I'm trying to speculate on what what recourse I might take if I thought my 
police force had been infiltrated by members of the opposition. 
Perhaps I would hold an "attack drill" with live ammunition in which
in question would be forced to react and make a split decision exposing
their loyalties lay. Those who made the wrong decision would be executed
the spot. 
The drill would serve three functions: 
1) Clean out the ranks of potential traitors 
2) Make the opposition look like the aggressors and thus further undermine 
their credibility 
3) test the readiness of the cassernes 
Perhaps I could receive further consultation from Fidel Castro, who has 
outlasted nine American Presidents and is now on his tenth. 
Castro, by the way, when he came to power in the fifties, originally tried
form an alliance with then Pesident Eisenhower, but Eisenhower chose to go 
golfing rather than meet with the former baseball player turned
Richard Morse