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8815: Ex-colonel Carl Dorelien: The Truth (fwd)

From: defending_dorelien@inbox.as

On June 1, 2001, in a Sun-Sentinal editorial titled, Americans' viewpoint tends 
to be narrow, Kingsley Guy stated, "A distressing tendency among Americans is 
that we tend to judge everybody by American standards and American 
circumstances.  We're justifiably proud of the freedoms we enjoy in the United 
States, but our culture developed differently ..."  I could not agree more.

On June 22, 2001, a Sun-Sentinal article, "INS nabs ex-army colonel in Haiti 
massacre case", and the Miami Herald's article, "INS arrests ex-colonel given 
life in Haiti for his role in massacre", slanderously implied that Carl 
Dorelien was a prominent soldiers or paramilitary thug who burst into homes, 
beat and arrested people, and shoot those who fled - a violator of human 
rights.  Unless the writer witnessed Mr. Dorelien commit these attrocities - 
which the writer could not have been, since Mr. Dorelien did not commit them - 
then the writer must have drawn this conclusion through the fact that the 
Haitian court  sentenced Dorelien "to life in prison with hard labor for [his 
theoretical role]in the 1994 Raboteau raid."  If this is the case, the writer's 
viewpoint also "tends to be narrow".  He assumes that not only trials, in 
general, but even trials "in absentia" are performed with the same fair 
standards to which we are entitled in America, in Haiti.  Evidence does not, 
however, support this assumption.

In fact, Haiti's Radio Metropole news as recent as the most shocking news of 
June 21 & June 22 (see <http://www.metropolehaiti.com/metropole/frameset.html> 
clearly demonstrates that one should not judge justice in Haiti "by American 
standards and American circumstances".  

Additionally, William G. O'Neill, a consultant to the National Coalition for 
Haitian Rights states, "Haitian justice lacks everything: resources, 
competent personnel, independence, stature and trust"; "Corruption and 
extortion thrive at every level of the justice system"; "Most judges and 
prosecutors are poorly trained and lack motivation. Many judges ... have never 
been to law school, have received no specialized training to be judges and show 
little interest in receiving such training"; "Courts lack even rudimentary 
materials necessary to function ... Most judges and prosecutors do not even own 
the texts essential to their work: the Civil Code, the Code of Criminal 
Procedure and the Penal Code"; "Most Haitians view lawyers, judges -- virtually 
anyone connected with the justice system -- with well-deserved scorn and 
contempt.  People will avoid contact with the system unless it is the last 
resort. It is expensive, corrupt and largely mysterious ..."; "Although Haitian 
law creates elaborate procedures governing arrests, detention, and prison 
inspections and monitoring, all these procedures and protections are 
systematically breached"; "Conditions in Haitian prisons and detention centers 
are inhumane and cruel"; "these prisons lack all basic services:  electricity, 
potable water, toilets, medical supplies"; "Sexual abuse is common [in prison]; 
tuberculosis, HIV and other viral diseases are easily transmitted".  The 
National Coalition for Haitian Rights declares, "[O'Neill's] analysis remains 
valid today [14 June 2001]"  <http://www.nchr.org/hrp/nc05001.htm>.

We personally know Carl Dorelien.  Aside from Carl's outspoken nature, he is 
very a very hard working person, and one of the most honest, good, trustworthy 
and God-fearing people we have ever met.

We truly do not believe that Carl was personally involved in or capable of 
committing the alleged massacre.  Carl Dorelien was and is unfairly caught in 
the middle of, and being used in an odious, malevolent (inter)national 
political game.  If anyone is guilty of this crime, Carl is not one of them.  
To make Carl pay for others' alleged actions will serve nothing more than an 
iniquitous, vengeful, cathartic illusion of justice used to placate an outraged 
and volatile citizenry. Others were behind the alleged massacre; it is they 
that should be brought forth and punished.

We invite you to visit <http://www.Dorelien.homestead.com> and it's linked 
pages, to learn facts about Carl Dorelien.  

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