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8819: Morse replies to Francois on who did what this weekend

Dear Mr Francois, 

I found this weekend's activities very interesting from a analytical 
viewpoint. Not having been there or known anyone there I can only
theories by the information available to me on the porch of the Oloffson. 
Here are a few examples: 

1) If someone is trying to take over a government, why would they attack a 
police station in the suburbs and then move on to the police academy? 

2) Tele National and Radio National were broadcasting throughout the day. 
Tele National was broadcasting a documentary called "Resistance". If
were trying to take over the government I assume they would knock out 
government media. 

3) Why is the President driving around with 20 cars of security visiting
wounded on the same day of an attack. If he believes there's any danger at 
all, shouldn't he be in a secured area? Maybe he knew there was no threat

4) Why wasn't the palace attacked if security and president were out

5) In an effort of "reconcilliation" the president has infiltrated his 
entourage with Fraph, macoutes and former military. How is he going to
with these people when things get shakey. Clean House? Test them? Probably 
kill a few and arrest a bunch after the incident. 

6) There was a visit to Cuba last week. Castro has been in power since
He knows how to deal with military intrigue. Is he a consultant? 

7) Maybe its a simple case of destabalization by the opposition but the 
Convergance has always given a timetable to their destabalization

Its not much to go on but it can certainly shape a certain perspective.
sure in the not too distant future, we'll have a better idea of what 
happened. I remember when these sort of events would happen around
how the people would rise up and take to the streets. My how things have 

Richard Morse