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8828: Re: Reply on Dorelien post (fwd)

From: FAedouard@aol.com

  I don't know Carl Dorelien..but I have relatives and friends who do...All of them agree he is definitely being taken for a ride...They have never heard his name mentioned in any human rights atrocities in Haiti. He was simply a career officer who moved up in the ranks, primarily due to the numerous coup between 1986 and 1991 and Aristide firing the entire high command in 1991. It a shame that he may have been chosen to pay for crimes he did  not commit..

Why do I write this...The answer is simple. After several decades of running the country few of us can say they do not have a relative or friend who was not in a government or the military before Aristide. To simply say they are all criminals is immoral and unjust. I know of many former military officers and goverment ministers who did not have a penny when they had there high profile jobs and to this day still have little to there names. Many were honest men or bureaucrats who benefitted from the constant changes in governments. 

Yes we had corruption, human rights abuse, etc...as Haiti continues to have to this day...But among the slime I believe there are always honest men. if not, there is no hope for Haiti..