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8848: Fw: Re: 8821: Re: 8818: Slavin:Carnival 2002 Query (fwd)

From: jacqualine labrom <ljacqui@haitiworld.com>

The main difference between the PauP and the Jacmel Carnivals is that the
Jacmel one is much more creative, more street theatre, masks etc and much
more fun. The PauP one tends to be more music based and when you get half a
million people on the central streets of PauP the floats tend to stay in one
place for over an hour!! Its crowded!!!

For all of those of you who are thinking of going, there is now a new Hotel
at Raymond les Bains just a bit further up the road from Cyvadier Plage - on
the old road along the beach . Its called 'The Mirage Hotel International
Resort'!! - My exclamations and not their's. Its a beautiful hotel - here's
a couple of pictures of it for those who can download.

A word to the wise though - Jacmel gets absolutely packed with every last
room taken at least three months before, so book early to avoid

If you need any help let me know.

Jacqui Labrom

'Journeys for the enlightened traveler'
'Voyages pour le touriste éclairé'
'Los viajes para el turista iluminado'

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