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8860: Haitian artisans (fwd)

From: Barbara Nesin <batyat@yahoo.com>

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Please post.  Thanks.

Does anyone have contact with Haitian artisans in
Haiti who make good quality crafts who would be
interested in a direct vendor here in Colorado?  I
have been asked this by a person (not me, but someone
I know) who sells crafts from "3rd world" countries
with the idea of making sure that the profit goes
directly to the artisan without a middle man taking a
commission.  I know this person to be honest and
reputable, and it would be a real opportunity for an
artisan or group of artisans in Haiti who can deliver!
All I ask for is the contact name, address, and e-mail
if possible...I know many people in Haiti don't have
e-mail, but perhaps someone they know.


Barbara Nesin

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