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8883: Re: 8880: Clothing Assembly Industry in Haiti (fwd)

From: mlhaiti@shell1.cornernet.com

While the situation surely varies from plant to plant, many workers have
said that conditions at some plants were in fact so poor that they would
rather do anything else, even if it meant great hardships for their
families. The irony may be that the vast number of people who are seeking
work means that some employers may feel less pressure to improve working
conditions, and the competitive pressures of the global markets mean that
margins for assembly sector employers are being cut - resulting in tough
conditions for both workers and employers. There were reports of
improvements in the sector last year, and there are initiatives aimed at
improving conditions in the work place, but the problem of the hostile
environment toward those inside the factories seeking to improve working
conditions remains a real obstacle. There have been individuals in
government, the international community, the employers sector and among
worker activists working hard for change. Let's hope they can make real

Mike Levy