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8886: RE: 8883: Re: 8880: Clothing Assembly Industry in Haiti (fwd)

From: "Hoover, Julie H." <Hoover@pbworld.com>

While new factories coming to Haiti with even halfway enlightened policies
would be cause for celebration, I wasn't too overjoyed to hear about a new
Hanes plant.  Just returned tonight from seeing a terrific new documentary
film--Life + Debt, by Stephanie Black.  It's mostly about IMF policies in
Jamaica (with a great little cameo of Aristide).  One of the vinaigrettes
shows workers (rather cautiously) protesting a local Hanes plant mainly
because the management was not paying workers what they were supposed to
($30 every two weeks); then, zippo, the next scene shows the plant being
shut down and moved to another country where "their business conditions
would be better".