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8895: Re: 8881: Knowles on 8868: Haiti: By David Keene (fwd)

From: M Schumann <schumannm@hotmail.com>

I also sent an e-mail to the ridiculous organization that carried the Keene 
piece... unfortunately I did not save it. However, it was interesting to 
read a New York Times Article yesterday (15th) on the recent attack of 
police station by ex-military. It pretty much contradicted all that 
not-too-Keene said about this situation.
Yet, more interesting to me was the tone of the NYTimes piece. For a 
pleasant change, there were no truly absurd remarks (or even "voodoo"... 
whatever that is... I have never seen the movie the movie). Is it possible 
that all of our criticism of the corporate (lie for profit) media is being 
heard, somehow, somewhere?
How can Keene actually take money for writing something like that? It is as 
if I decided to publish an article on quantum mechanics in astrophysics or 
something I know equally nothing about. Where do these "conservatives" 
(again, have never seen the movie) come from anyway?

I really do want to post messages here more often, unfortunately Corbett 
says that there is some add or something attached to my missives. I use 
Hotmail and cannot see, or figure out how to get rid of, such attachments. 
Can anyone tell me? I did not used to have this problem. Will be getting the 
hell away from Microsoft very soon but, while I am saving my money to do so, 
how do I get around this attachment??!!

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