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8892: The Dominique Case is tough (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

The Dominique case is tough, Haitian people have
tendency to send treat, show their weapons without
really acting on them. The Dominique case might be a
classic example. Someone who may have his/her personal
problem with him may act on someone else treat. For
the sake of Justice Judge Gassant shall be removed
from that case otherwise any verdict related to that
case will be overturned on appeal. We have to put
aside our emotion and the rush for justice, in that
process we might make another victim. 
	Recently, Judge Gassant had asked the Haitian Senate
to remove the immunity of a powerful Senator, that
person is the one in charge for providing security for
the whole city. Without accusing that person for that
crime, I believe the judge should have not taken that
route at this particular time. Don't be too emotional,
this is a criminal matter and should be dealt with
	Without any doubt Mr. Jean Dominique was gunned down
in an era where the insecurity was rampant. What
happen if he were a victim of the insecurity
phenomenon?  Is it possible? (Element of doubt is
there), No murder weapon; if there were witnesses, are
they credible? The job of a defense lawyer is to
tarnish the image of any witness and make you look
like a liar in the presence of the jury, go to your
background, uncover any dirt since high school. Have
you ever lied? Do you respect the law? Have you never
broken any law? Yes. Mr. Doe, Ms. Jane, your records
show that you were ticketed for driving 20 miles over
the speed limit and you just say that you had never
broken any law. (Element of doubt is present). The
Haitian Zenglendos have an habit of killing everyone
in the scene, a defense might bring this into
consideration if Jean Dominique case ever goes to the
jury; but before reaching that point, the judge has to
accuse someone.  According the law one is innocent
until proven guilty but in this case one is guilty
until proven innocent.  

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