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8898: Wanted: contact in Au Cap (fwd)

From: Chris Hamilton <chamilton@capecod.net>

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Hello, someone suggested I send an e-mail to this e-mail address as it is a
listserv for Haitian topics.  Would you please post the following message to
the group and let me know how I may access the listserv so I can follow
responses and contribute in the future.  Thank you.

Hello there, in November I will be sailing into Cap Haitien with 24 American
college students as part of a nine week educational sailing adventure. I
have taken previous groups to Haiti (Au Cap and Jacmel) but this time I am
hoping to make a contact in Cap Haitien who might be able to make our visit
more enriching, maybe by talking to the students about life in Haiti or
helping to arrange something we can do for the community.  Some sort of
cultural exchange/visit with Haitians learning to speak English would be
great.  I hope to meet someone other than a guide for hire, someone who
understands my vision of wanting to improve our visit, possibly by our doing
something for the local community.  Haiti is a powerful place and I want my
students to have more than just a tourist experience while we're there. Any
suggestions are helpful. If you'd rather e-mail me in private my address is:

Thank you, Chris Hamilton