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8903: Pina adds to Who was Jean Marie Vincent? (fwd)

From: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

There are some beautiful interviews with Father Jean-Marie Vincent in the 
film "Haiti: Harvest of Hope" now available at www.quixote.org/haiti/.

His work along with Renald Clerisme, in the northwestern town of Jan Rabel, 
gave the ti peyizan the courage to challenge the corrupt land-lease system 
of the large wealthy families that controlled the best land in the area. 
Together with the peasants of Tet Ansenm (later Tet Kole), they also took on 
CARE who was dumping rice donations in the region undercutting the value of 
local peasant crops. A tireless advocate of peasant rights and opponent of 
the Duvalierist Chef's du Section (rural police), he was assasinated on 
August 28, 1994 just months prior to the return of Aristide to Haiti.

"Haiti: Harvest of Hope" is dedicated to his memory and his work for justice 
on behalf of Haiti's peasant majority.

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