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8908:A constitutional dilemma (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

A constitutional dilemma 
ARTICLE 112-1: 
Each House may impose on its members for reprehensible
conduct, by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote,
disciplinary penalties, except for expulsion.
Any member of the Legislature shall be disqualified as
a Deputy or Senator, if, during his term, he has
received a final sentence by a court of regular law,
which renders him ineligible to serve.
Members of the Legislature are inviolable from the day
they take oath up to the expiration of their term,
subject to the provisions of ARTICLE 115 below.
ARTICLE 114-1: 
They may at no time be prosecuted or attacked for the
opinions and votes cast by them in the discharge of
their duties.
ARTICLE 114-2 
No member of the Legislature shall be subject to civil
imprisonment during his term of office.
No member of the Legislature may during his term be
arrested under ordinary law for a crime, a minor
offense or a petty violation, except by authorization
of the House of which he is a member, unless he is
apprehended in the act of committing an offense
punishable by death, personal restraint or penal
servitude or the loss of civil rights. In that case,
the matter is referred to the House of Deputies or the
Senate without delay if the Legislature is in session,
and if not, it shall be taken up at the next regular
or special session.

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