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8917: Books on Kreyol (HC) (fwd)

From: E Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

          Many copies of these books are now available:

*Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs (with phrases and idioms)*
VEDRINE, Emmanuel W. 1992. 246 p.
A text book for learners of Kreyol / English and research on Kreyol.

*Dictionary Of Haitian Creole Verbs With Phrases And Idioms* by  Emmanuel W. 
Vedrine, 1992". Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages, 11:2, 1996. "The 
book under review is, therefore, a welcome respite, for it respects the 
standard orthography and is quite systematic throughout… The Dictionary is a 
guide for learners of both languages, for people who want to be bilingual 
and for those who are interested in linguistic research. The excellent 
balance of Kreyòl and English explanations should accomplish those ends. The 
presentation is impressive for a book published independently by its author… 
The Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs offers strong evidence that writing 
Kreyòl is still perceived as a wide-open discursive field…". RICHMAN, Karen 
and William L. Balan-Gaubert (Reviewed by).]

"Another achievement toward the emancipation of Haitian Creole language". 
1993. "This pioneering *Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs With Phrases And 
Idioms* by Emmanuel W. Vedrine (1992) is the result of many years of 
linguistic research and methodological design undertaken by Emmanuel 
Vedrine, a graduate researcher at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. 
Specially, his book represents a new orientation in contemporary Creole 
lexicography. His dictionary attempts to bridge the gap between theory and 
practice, as a tool for improving Creole teaching and improving research in 
contemporary Creole Studies… Vedrine gives a hint of his lexical enthusiasm 
on the title of the book itself. His *Dictionary of Haitian Creole Verbs* 
lives up to its name. In concise preface, Vedrine reviews recent 
developments in Haitian Creole grammar. Vedrine succinctly discussed other 
characteristics of the Haitian verb system from such familiar phenomena as 
the short forms of: ale (al), vini (vin), rete (ret) to name a few. He also 
identifies many Haitian Creole verbs that can be used as attributives in 
some cases. He cautions the reader to use his dictionary with 
circumspection, not as a manual of conversation but understand the quasi-to 
understand the quasi-totality of Haitian verbs used in any aspect of life. 
Using or reading Vedrine's dictionary will be a very pleasurable distraction 
indeed and the reader / user will go away knowing what "deplancheye, jebede, 
tyakannen, wouspete" is. He also refers to the so-called "vèb-marasa" (twin 
verbs) such as "pote-kole, sote-ponpe, leve-kanpe" - For any creolophone who 
needs a quick and complete reference in Creole and English will find 
Vedrine's dictionary immediately useful, culturally rich, humorous and a 
constant delight…". SEDRA]

"…Given the limited resources at his disposal, the linguistic tools Vedrine 
has produced are noteworthy, in particular, his *Dictionary Of Haitian 
Creole Verbs With Phrases And Idioms*. It is a very useful resource for 
linguists, translators, and learners of the language. With regard to its 
originality and overall quality, I would rank it as the best work on the 
vocabulary of the language and right next to Freeman and Laguerre's 
*Haitian-English Dictionary* and our own somewhat dated *Haitian Creole - 
English - French Dictionary*. The high quality of the work is reflected by 
its having been deemed worthy of review in the prestigious Journal of Pidgin 
and Creole Languages. He is also a prolific author of literary and 
educational materials in Haitian Creole. He would be an invaluable 
collaborator to any project involving the description of Haitian Creole and 
the preparation of various linguistic tools for the language." (Dr Albert 
Rudy Professor of French, Italian and Linguistics Indiana 

*Di yon vèb tire yon kont (riddles)*
VEDRINE, Emmanuel W. 1994. 102 p.
- From a verb, I'll tell you a riddle. - Riddles in Haitian Creole.
A text book for middle and high school level.

*Poetry in Haitian Creole* (a guide for beginners & translators)
VEDRINE, Emmanuel W. 1994. 75 p.
- Poems in Haitian Creole is a  guide for beginners and translators of 
Haitian Creole, including a Creole-English glossary. - "In *Poetry in 
Haitian Creole*, Vedrine shows our people to be the descendent of an 
inventive, badacious and courageous people. His poetry reflects the 
appreciation that he carries for his homeland and, most of all, relishes the 
pleasure of the Soul. - Vedrine is a poet who writes and speaks his mind… as 
far as I can tell, practically always. He follows his own road, believes in 
his own style and pursues his own dream, which are deeply rooted in the 
Haitian dream. He refuses to separate himself from 'common Haitians'… (Tony 

*Sezon sechrès Ayiti* (roman /novel - Season of drought in Haiti)
VEDRINE, Emmanuel W. 1994. 128 p.
- Historical novel on the problem of Haitian peasants (including their 
migration to other islands, - A particular focus Dominican Republic.
A text book for high school level.

*Ti istwa kreyòl: Short stories in Haitian Creole*. [with illustrations]
VEDRINE, Emmanuel W. 1994. 115 p.
- A text book middle & high school level and for learners of Kreyol.

*Yon koudèy sou pwoblèm lekòl Ayiti*. (A look at the problems of schools in 
VEDRINE, Emmanuel W. 1994. 117 p.
- "A look at the problem of schools in Haiti". - Essays & interviews  on the 
problems of schools in Haiti and interviews with some Haitian educators from 
the diaspora. A text book for educators, students (high school and college 
level) and researchers.

*Un stylo international* (poetry)
VEDRINE, Emmanuel W. 1993. 61 p.
- "Un international pen" - Poetry in 7 languages (including 26 in French, 12 
in Kreyol, an essay in English. A text book for middle and high school 

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