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8928: Durban asks Dorce for recommendations (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

   I hear what you're saying, Kathy, but would be interested in
what concrete proposals should be undertaken to help the poor
masses you champion.  Sometime back in March(?) I challenged
Corbett readers to make some concrete suggestions for the new
leadership of Haiti.  I then took a stab at making some
suggestions myself.  The first was to delegate the then big
on-going political discussion to a key associate (giving him
full authority to make ANY agreement)...and then forget about
that issue...just simply move on as soon as this super-Lavalas
negotiator was named.  In other words, change the discussion to
something other than partisan politics.  
   Seems to me that with full control of the machinery of
government at their disposal, the Aristide people don't really
need either the Convergence folks OR the foreign community. 
Sure foreign aid could help a bit, but you will never advance
your country very far if you base it all on hand-outs.  
   Well, few if any points on my list of suggestions has been
even addressed and while of course they were just one person's
suggestions, I frankly don't see where anyone in Haiti is any
better off than they were, say, a year ago.  You say, "What is
needed is improvement in the economy for everyone".  Fair
enough, but how do YOU propose we get there?

Lance Durban

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