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8932: Re: 8929: White asks question about Truth and Reconcilliation (fwd)

From: IRSCP@aol.com

Ms. White's point is interesting. I am not sure however that we need a "Truth and Reconciliation" committee or anything of that sort. Crimes need to be punished, or dealt with as a matter of law. Creating such a committee as Haiti is now, may be like adding more salt and rancor to the wounds. The wounds as I understand them now, are historical and from all sides, although the poor has taken the worst blow, every single time.

What I think Haiti needs, is people with good will and are used to dealing with "conflict-resolutions", so they can help the protagonists find ways to deal with these seemingly endless crises. I do remember talking to a foreigner, friend of Haiti who lives there, a few months ago. She suggested the same and it makes perfect sense.

If we are going to have a democratic system, we will need to understand that democracy implies a state of "permanent negotiations". You are always negotiating with the other side (the opposition) over issues like Health Care, Security, Job creations, Education, Budget Priorities, etc. Yet, we don't seem to be ready for it. If you look at what is going on in Haiti right now, every time the parties in conflict seem to be moving forward, suddenly, they stop and the nasty game begins again. If they can't find a final resolution now, how do you think they're going to deal with each other when there is more than one party in Parliament? That to me, is Haiti's tragedy. It is not intelligence for we have plenty of those. Plenty. It's a matter of ego, and social hatred, that keep us from having responsible and serious debate over the more important issues for the country. If you think about it, you cannot discuss issues, unless you agree that the other side has or must have some say in!
 the process too. It goes both w

Unless and until we learn to deal with one another and not try to destroy each other first, we won't even be able to discuss issues. That is Haiti's tragedy now.

Hyppolite Pierre