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8936: The Convergence Democratique (fwd)

From: Haiti123@aol.com

BNN PR/Ad Newswire (Busyness Network News)

August 22, 2001, New York- Eveready Corporation sent shock waves across 
Madison Avenue yesterday by announcing the replacement of the ubiquitous Pink 
Rabbit in advertising for its Energizer batteries.  The cymbal-clanging 
Rabbit, one of the most successful icons in advertising history, will be 
replaced by the Convergence Democratique, a Haitian entertainment troupe.

According to Garry Linson, Eveready's Provisional Vice-President for 
Marketing, "the Convergence was just what we were looking for.  Like the 
Rabbit, it has no visible power source or function, but it keeps going and 
going....  It also has the Rabbit's knack for slipping in where it doesn't 
appear to belong or be wanted."

Although Eveready executives emphasized the Rabbit's unparalled success 
during its decade-long run, sources inside the company indicate that the time 
had come for a change.  "Part of the Rabbit's strength had been its ability 
to annoy," one source indicated.  "Despite being cute and fuzzy, it bothered 
you, which is why you remembered it in the supermarket."  With familiarity, 
the Rabbit eventually lost this ability.  "The Convergence's record 
demonstrates that it will not have the same problem," the source said.  

Scheduling is another factor.  The Rabbit was a victim of its success:  it 
attracted supporters, and increasingly spent time with them, rather than in 
the studio.  According to Linson, "that's not an issue with the Convergence.  
They've never let themselves get distracted with popularity.  They're 
professionals- when the camera is rolling, they are there, going and 

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