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8938: Re: 8937: Re: 8935: Re: 8929: White asks question about Truth and Reconcilliation (fwd)

From: Jean Succar <succarj@hotmail.com>


I believe unfortunately there is some truth on what this anonymous writer 
answered (I wish he had not remained anonymous). I have travelled across the 
country, and I can say that some of us surely have not broken off the ties 
that bind us to the old Dessalinian contract of :"Koupe Tet, Boule Kay" 
(behead and commit arsons).  Nevertheless, we need to recognize that among 
us exists a lot of haitian with the will and vision of true citizens.  Out 
task for the next millenium is to keep on trying hard to coexist with each 
other(MRE's as coined by the US media (it is our elite nevertheless), the 
people and the government), to accept our differences and build on the 
positive side of Haitians.  Our first instinct is revenge against each 
other(we can see that on the policies and actions adopted by incoming 
governments for the last 14 years).  The challenge for the new century 
Haitian leader will be to brake that malicious cycle of vengence that 
accompany every incoming government and start building on the future of this 
country. Yes we do have problems that restrain us from developing and we 
have to identify them in order solve them so we could move forward.
As human beings, we know we can the question is how?