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8949: A call for a general anmesty (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

NB: I share the view of that British citizen who had
posed that question on this list.

General amnesty to crime committed must be explored.
Revenge brings more revenge.  I understand your
feeling toward this idea if you had lost a father, a
brother, a mother, a family member or a good friend.
Since independence up to yesterday morning, too many
horrible crimes had been committed in the land of
Toussaint Louverture. 
	You lost your love one, you have the right to be
upset; and seeing the perpetrators walking freely on
the street makes you more upset. In a country like
Haiti where all investigations remain "on going"; a
general amnesty could have been an opportunity for the
country to make some changes in its judicial system.
The doors of all jails in Haiti shall be opened,
commute the sentence of anyone in jail and start over.

	We need to start over, let's once for all forgive
everyone.  Then fix the Haitian justice system. There
are more compelling reason to offer a general amnesty.
First, the jails are overcrowded. Second, the Jails
are not in sanitary condition. Third, people who
belong in jail are walking free in or outside of Haiti
and lengthy sentence imposed to the political
opponent. Four, Haiti does not have enough magistrates
to handle all these cases. 
	How many of you will be in favor for the Haitian
senate to bring a general amnesty bill on the floor
and set a date to reset the clock to zero?
	Which means no one can be prosecuted for any crime
committed between independence (1804) to August 25,
2001. In starting new and bringing everyone on board,
we can work together for a better Haiti. Haiti needs a
fresh start.  If this bill comes to the senate, it has
a chance to pass instead of voting on revoking the
immunity of another senator. Those of you who lost
your love one, I share your pain but the country needs
to start over; with your historic and national
forgiveness, you will help your country.  

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