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8957: Re: 8949 & 8955: A call for a general anmesty: Poincy comments (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

Neither revenge nor lack of justice is the handicap of
Ayiti's progress, but the "ayitianness" itself which
is a self-destructive mentality. 

Revenge or lack of justice whatever one wishes to call
it is far from being the cause of the problem. The
nature of the Ayitian mentality is what keeps the
country behind. For reeducating the people is what the
authorities ought to shoot for. The Ayitian individual
just does not like his/her kind to progress or be in a
better position than s/he.  S/he will go through
anything to destroy the making of others even if s/he
is not being harmed by it. 

If it's not s/he who is doing it (progressing), no one
else will or should. The political turmoil is a case
in point and has been since the first days of the
Republic. One can observe it in all aspects of life of
the population. Their most common recourse is voodoo
to stop others short or to commit their horrendous
evil act.  It is safer since the proper authorities
will never attempt to trace it. No effort will be made
on their part because it's a common belief and they
believe that's a mystical act against which they are

The peasants and almost everyone else use it as a
means to have their revenge or make their justice
prevail. When one decides to destroy another one's
making just because s/he is in a better position,
should we call this revenge, justice, a pure criminal
penchant of the individual which is a reflection of
the People's mentality, or a backward mentality? Do we
think that the most perfect judicial system can
survive if no work is done to mold the people's
mentality? No amount of justice or forgiveness can do
without reshaping the Ayitian mind (a self-destructive

What makes it worst is the fact that some who think of
bettering themselves correctly prefer not to do so by
fear of being hampered or killed by those who are
jealous. No society can know progress in such a state
of things. If one is determined to go on with his/her
dream to make progress, s/he has to take the mean
route to do it. In anticipation of being deranged by
others, s/he "pro-creates" fear in others so s/he can
go on with their project. 

This mutual fear, collective fear, or "reprehensible
ayitianness" (the self-destructive attitude) creates a
state of backwardness and ignorance which Ayiti is a
victim of since day one. I don't know how long it will
remain a victim if stiff actions are not taken to
neutralize the grown people and shape up the coming

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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