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8961: Haitians demand inclusion in immigration amnesty plan (fwd)

From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>

> > Published Sunday, August 26, 2001
> >
> > Haitians demand inclusion in immigration amnesty
> > plan
> > The full article will be available on the Web for a
> > limited time:
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>Published Sunday, August 26, 2001
>Haitians demand inclusion in immigration amnesty plan
>Leaders say President Bush's proposal should include
>more than Mexicans.
>South Florida's Haitian activists have a message for
>President Bush: Pa bliy travay Ayisyen -- Don't
>forget the Haitian workers.
>Representatives from 25 Haitian organizations gathered
>Saturday in Miami-Dade County to demand the Bush
>administration include Haitians in an immigration
>amnesty plan that could bring legal status to millions
>of undocumented Mexican workers.
>``We are not playing. We want to be included,'' said
>Marleine Bastien, executive director of Haitian Women
>of Miami. ``Haitians contribute to the social and
>economic fabric of this country and should be
>Bush will meet with Mexican President Vicente Fox on
>Sept. 5 in Washington. They are expected to discuss
>immigration reforms and a guest worker program.
>Haitian groups are planning a protest that day in
>front of the Miami office of the Immigration and
>Naturalization Service.
>A protest in Washington is planned for Sept. 25. That
>protest will include groups representing other
>It is still unclear whether the proposed amnesty plan
>would apply only to Mexican immigrants.
>At Saturday's news conference, Haitian leaders said
>they cheer the Mexican amnesty proposal but insisted
>it should include newcomers from other nations.
>``The American people is a just society,'' said North
>Miami Vice Mayor Ossmann Desir. ``All undocumented
>immigrants should be treated with equality and
>dignity, not only one group.''
>Opponents of the amnesty plan, such as the
>Washington-based Federation of American Immigration
>Reform, say the Bush proposal panders to Hispanic
>voters and that legalization rewards lawbreakers.
>Calls to the group's headquarters weren't returned
>A poll released this week, surveying 1,000 adults,
>showed that 62 percent of Americans would support a
>plan that would legalize the status of immigrants who
>can prove they have been living in the United States,
>working at a job and paying taxes.
>The survey, conducted jointly by Republican and
>Democratic polling firms, was commissioned by the
>Services Employees International Union and Catholic
>Healthcare West.
>Haitian workers said limiting amnesty to Mexicans
>would be an insult to all other nationalities.
>``We are a good people who work hard, no different
>from Mexico,'' said Marie Sylvain, 43, who works at a
>nursing home.
>``We are standing up to tell George Bush to consider
>all immigrants.''
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