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8969: Immigration problems

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From: "Jamieson, Dee" <dee.jamieson@eds.com>

My name is Denise Jamieson and for the last five years I have been working
in Haiti for two weeks each year with a Christian medical missionary team.
During that time I have become friends with a fourteen-year-old Haitian boy,
Wilben Pierre, and his family.  My husband and I have agreed to open our
home to Wilben Pierre during the school year so he can be educated in the
United States.  The goal is for him to gain the education  so he can return
to Haiti and make a good life for himself and his family and, hopefully,
make a difference in his country.

We are ready to try for a visa for Wilben Pierre.  While we won't know until
it is granted, I am hopeful that he may reach Colorado by early October.  I
am hoping to find a Haitian living in the Denver/Lakewood/Boulder area who
would be willing to spend some time with my family when Wilben Pierre
arrives since he does not speak English and I do not speak Kreyol (we both
just speak a little French).  I would expect to pay this person for their

If there is anyone interested who is fluent in Kreyol, please contact me via
email at Dee.Jamieson@eds.com.  Thank you!

Dee Jamieson 
Project Manager, Requirements & Assessments and Quality Assurance Testing 
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vnet 636-6717 
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