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8975: RE:8969: Immigration problems (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

In the past it was possible to obtain a student visa for a school-age child 
to attend public schools.  One of my nephews came to live with us at the age 
of 15 and all we had to show was our income tax and and obtain an I-20 form 
from the school department.  With the new immigration laws foreigners are no 
longer able to attend the public schools for free.  The sponsors or the 
family must pay tuition to the public schools which  can be more expensive 
that some private schools.  In my city the public school is $11,000 and the 
cheapest private school is $3,600 (Catholic).  You may want to discuss your 
possibilities with a consul in Haiti before you decide what kind of visa you 
will ask for.  Unless you intend to pay tuition for the child you may want to 
try to adopt him and ask for a green card (permanent resident visa).  In 
which case he has no obligation to return to his country.