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8990: Radio Metropole - Robert Benodin translation (fwd)

From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>

The Haitian Democratic Party [Pademh] held a pacific march in Petion-Ville.
According to the Pademh leader, the purpose of the march was to demand the departure of the Lavalas regime. Former Petion-Ville Mayor Claire Lydie
Parent invited all sectors of the population to participate in the anti-Lavalas demonstration. Parent denounced the mismanagement of the
Lavalas government and urged the Haitian people to abandon the Lavalas
regime. While the march started to move from the PADEHM's headquarter to the street, ten members of the lavalas People's Organization armed with guns, sticks and stones attacked the marchers. They fired their weapons in the air, and threw rocks at the marchers. Three marchers were wounded. The police who stood by during the confrontation arrested many marchers after they went back to their headquarter. They were released later that night. The person leading the march was hospitalized with a head wound. Claire Lydie Parent accused the current mayor Pierre Sully Guerrier as the instigator of this carnage. Claire Lydie Parent is taking the current mayor to court.