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8995: Due Process: Haitian in Miami, Principles of Democracy must be , respected (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Last US presidential election was a test of the
maturity of American citizen in a democracy. Indeed,
the three branches of the government were respected
and the American people had complied with the law and
the respect of hierarchy. Coup de theatre, the Florida
Highest court had ordered a recount, early the next
(Saturday) the recount had begun. At about noon, the
US Supreme Court had ordered the recount to stop and
ordered the Florida secretary to certify the result of
the November election. Within second democrat and
republican had indeed stop. You don’t hear “I don’t
recognize your authority”, no fire on the street, no
destruction; I call that “Democracy at its best”; but
the Americans who were against that “coup de grace
decision” of the supreme court had planned to organize
peaceful protest to challenge the presidency of the
Texas governor. The leading organizer Rev. Jesse
Jackson was in total reclusion when the president was
sworn in, most of you know why.
	A mistake had been made, do not destroy what you
have, learn from it and make sure it does not happen
again. Now, various states in the Union had passed new
laws to reform the voting system and also the federal
government is providing assistance as well.
	Let examine if the same thing had taken place in my
country, I can predict total destruction, people have
to take cover, burning tire on the street, violent
street protests and so on. The Americans people were
doing their business and let the justice system deal
with it. You could have said that president Clinton or
Jeff Bush could have tried to influence the election,
	I’ve have seen some discussions on Corbett list about
the firing of a lady in one of the Haitian
organization in Miami. It is unfortunate to see this
nonsense-taking place in the Haitian community after
living in the US for more than 25 years. I heard the
name of one individual who had hijacked that
organization and responsible in firing that woman with
a “Mr. Yes: board”. This is a “No no”. If the same
thing had taken place and the instigator was not
Haitian, some of you will call for street
demonstration. I call that “double standard” Do not
try to protect anyone, friendship shall not go above
the principles of democracy. People in Miami, if you
do not stand for that lady to return to her post and
make changes in that organization since it is a
community based organization; you should forever stop
talking about Democracy. I want you to take the same
stand that took place in Hacad 11 or 12 years ago. It
is time for you to practice the principles of
democracy.  You are the second generation; most of you
have received a good education, Thanks to this
country. Before you can talk about change in your
country, you should change the face of your community
first. I don’t know that lady, but I heard she had
done a good job in Miami, she had helped that
organization. Due process must be respected. If you
have to take this matter to court, take it. It is not
Haitian against Haitian. Base on florida law, anyone
who lives in that community can take that matter to

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