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9004: Birth Defects Among Haitians (fwd)

From: leonie hermantin <lhermantin@hotmail.com>


Birth Defects Among Haitians


Florida Haitians had the highest rates of birth defects in 13 of 27 
categories studied by a Fort Lauderdale minority research group. A look at 
where Haitians rank in three major areas:
Rate per 10,000 live births, 1996

Hole in Upper Chamber of Heart

Haitian         92.1
Black*          45.1
White*          36.9
Cuban           25.5

Down Syndrome

Haitian         23
Black*          11.5
Puerto Rican    9.2
White*          10.3
Cuban           5.1

Defect In Artery from Lung to Heart

Haitian        39.7
Black*         19.2
Puerto Rican   18.2
White*          6.3
Cuban           7

*White and Black may include people from the other groups listed.

SOURCE: Florida Department of Health. Birth Defect Registry

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