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9012: Re: Lavalas note to the press (fwd)

From: karioka9@cs.com

> Fanmi Lavalas knows that certain local and foreign groups are working 
> together to make more misery and suffering throughout the majority of 
> the Haitian people because we are Lavalas, because we are confident 
> in President Aristide. 

If Fanmi Lavalas knows who those groups are, why not call them out?  The 
point being made in that piece of empty propaganda is that "the People are 
Lavalas, and Aristide is the People!"  Anything that happens to those unnamed enemies of the people, in spite of Lavalas "restraint," is well deserved and not to be blamed on Lavalas.  It is a call to the Lavalas faithful, but also a veiled, general threat, reminiscent of Papa Doc's "I have no enemies except those of the Nation," quoted next to the Lavalas "press release" on this very list. 

Bravo to OUTNAHC@aol.com for calling out the truth of Aristide's relationship with the people! 

Daniel Simidor