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9021: letter to our elites (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Dunois Erick Cantave" <dunoiscantave@yahoo.fr>

by Dunois Erick Cantave
(published in " Le Nouvelliste " 08-30-01)

( This is a vulgar translation by the author )

Did the competition for the 2005 free trade hemispheric
market already start ?

In my opinion, all countries in the region are working hard
to integrate this new and big free trade market to defend
their own interest.

Do our main competitors have interest in resolving the
Haitian crisis that already affected and weaken our
economic potentials ? 

Do underdeveloped countries in the American hemisphere
haven't interest to let us in our political mess to keep us
out of competition ?

Those are real questions for all of us in those

I think it's really time to confirm ourselves as  modern
leader and productive strength for the country and not time
to adopt a passive attitude in face of an antidemocratic
and clanic project that will bring us poverty, violence and

Were are those civil society members that seemed to have
understood that they must have to participate to the
country's construction with the politicians ?

Do we have to give up the mediation in our negotiations to
our friends of the international community in order to help
us finding a solution to our political crisis which
jeopardize our own future.

Does the real issue isn't in our political stability and
the enhance of our economic potentiality in the region ?

How many time we will continue to export our brains all
over the world without having the possibility to have the
reciprocity ?

I think is time for us to find and install a real national
united government that will respect our laws, that will be
able to reinstall confidence in the population, to built
and consolidated our institutions, to boost a vigorous
economic growth in order to integrate smoothly the new
globalization world.

The construction of a legal State with business, justice,
social justice and security is possible in Haiti.

Is Haiti now playing is socio-economic future ?

Does the issue isn't not to keep in shape and create new
national infrastructures  and prepare our market to be
competitive and to take advantage to our proximity with the
other bigger and stronger market near us ?

Do we not have to keep up and use favorably the new
information and communication technology ?

Do we have not to produce energy and communication to new
development poles and free economic zone in our country ?

Do we not have to built roads, bridges, harbors, functional
and competitive airport and facilitate customs services ?

Do we not have to invest rationally in Education and Health
of our main resources that are human resources in order to
have them more healthy, qualified and competitive?

Do we not have to offer to national and international
investors a positive context to evolve, to develop
themselves, to make profits, to create jobs in our country
and  to helping us integrate more effectively the 2005
hemispheric free trade market.

The partnership between private and public sectors has to
be more efficient. This partnership doesn't have to be just
a "lips job" which consist to allay our productive sector
after a long campaign of terror, populism acting and
promoting social hatred with a demagogic speech of an
anachronistic caricature socialist leadership advocating
the permanent revolution.

We have to provoke a consciousness in each Haitian to allow
them to understand the new economical and political world
order and to fix and reach realistic and clear objectives.

What ever your wealth can be or your capacity to bear the
threat, some day you'll become completely impoverished if
you don't invest yourself in this new national, regional
and world  construction.

Without a clear conscious of the actual world situation, it
will be very difficult for us to make progress and to put
our children in a safety way and a well being situation for
the next decades.

Dr Dunois Erick Cantave
General Secretary of the revival KONAKOM

Port-au-Prince, 08-22-01

P.S. For a better understanding, I suggest you to read, if
possible, the original French version of this letter.  I
did my best with my poor English to help you catch my
fundamental thinking and reading of the current and actual
Haitian situation. 

Thank you.


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