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9025: Haiti needs help (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

We shall approach this "help phenomenon" differently.
The country needs help and all helps shall be welcome.
Why keeping a stock of foods from reaching the people
and with full knowledge people are dying with hunger
everyday.  Today, some of us may have the luxurious to
approach this problem philosophically, you know what's
going on "Vant ou ki plin" put yourself in the shoe of
more than 2 millions Haitians who don't when to find
the next meal. This is a typical example where someone
with good faith, good intention can turn his/her head
toward helping the country. Why we have to recycle
clothes to send back home? Your children may not need
them but plenty had welcome them in the past and now.
In many times, we send medical equipment, we even send
band Aid and so on. Do you know some Haitian doctors
have to take money from their pockets to buy stuff to
	I like type of discussion, while people are helping,
try to develop your agricultural need and that
particular help will disappear. The most pressing
problem that faces the country is black market and
open the Haitian market to international goods that
can easily produce in the country.   For instance,
Haiti is importing rice, sugar from the US, Mexico and
the Dominican Republic. What we should have done is to
help the farmer in Lester, St Jean Du Sud to produce
more rice, which can be sold cheaper to imported
	Instead, to keep the people from revolting against
the policy of the government, we let them our market
infested with cheap foreign goods at the expense of
our national goods. 
My birthplace, Ouanaminthe is a typical example,
one-way market in the border, Dominicans come to sell
their goods and they don't buy anything in return. We
buy rice from Miami and what the US buys in return. I
think this should be the main problem we should focus
on. I hate to see someone else effort goes to drain,
we let people with perception that everything is ok
with full knowledge that we are lying to ourselves. 
Believe me or not if I were the one who send that
shipment to Haiti it will go and be distributed to the
poor and no one could even there ask me any question.
Stop playing dirty politic and learn to respect when
people open their heart to help you out.
Those people who are taking a hard stand against
donation what have you done for the country? Have you
sent any help? It is easy to see "Show someone how to
fish" but in the meantime, we shall keep him/her
To those Haitians as well as foreigners who take your
time to help the poor people of my country please
continue this noble effort. If you can save only
person from dying from hunger, it is good. I think one
should investigate this special case and I don't
believe the government will hold this food at bay from
reaching the people. There might be another problem,
which we might not be aware of. 

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